Insulation Extraction

Old insulation can cost you a lot of extra money in your energy bills. Traditional insulation over time gets dirty, damp, contaminated and even moldy as a result of water, dust, dirt, wind, rodents, birds and bacteria contaminating a space. 

Over time insulation serves as an ideal home for rodents and pests. Rodent waste and feces can carry harmful viruses, such as Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, salmonellosis, tularemia, and even the plague. Dealing with rodent and pest infestations in your Portage, MI, area home's attic requires special considerations that Better World Builders are equipped to handle.

The Center for Disease Control outlines specific recommendations for cleaning up after an infestation due to the risk that droppings, mold and mildew, urine, and nests can pose to humans. One must be especially careful about removing contaminated insulation to avoid spreading contaminants, and doing so will require the use of protective equipment.

At Better World Builders, we offer professional insulation extraction services and have the right tools for the job, which makes the extraction of all types of insulation easier since all insulation types present unique challenges.

Attempting to extract insulation without the right equipment can result in a big mess throughout the rest of your home. While batting or rolled insulation can be rolled up, it does pose a problem if it is inhaled or gets on your skin.

Blown-in insulation is extracted with the use of large industrial equipment, requiring professionals to remove it. Extracting the insulation materials in your attic is a challenge that not everyone is equipped to handle.

Navigating your attic can be equally challenging since you’ll need to crawl or stand on joists to avoid damaging the ceiling below. Attics are often tight, dimly lit, and difficult to access with limited crawl space and can get very hot, leading to heat-related conditions.

Additionally, disposal processes for old fiberglass insulation are rarely taken into account by homeowners since it can’t be thrown away in your garbage can. Better World Builders take every precaution to ensure that all extracted insulation from a Portage, MI, area home is disposed of properly and carefully.

Add all of this up and you get a recipe for a difficult job that is better left to the professionals at Better World Builders, who are equipped to deal with it. Having aged, dirty and contaminated attic insulation extracted will lead to healthier homes and better home energy efficiency.

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