Energy Retrofits

An energy retrofit is a whole-building analysis and construction process that uses "integrative design" to achieve much larger energy savings than conventional energy retrofits. Energy retrofits can be applied to both Battle Creek, MI, area residential and commercial buildings to cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce energy consumption. Though often more expensive up-front, a quality energy retrofit will deliver substantially greater value than quick-fix solutions.

This type of retrofit typically involves removing old, failed insulation.  Many common types of insulation degrade over time from compression, dirt, condensation, animal activity, or because it was installed without proper air sealing. We at Better World Builders are the EXPERTS when it comes to successful quality energy retrofits using an integrative and whole-home-systems approach that combines multiple energy conserving technologies as a bundle, leveraging the interactive effects between all technologies to further reduce energy and cost. We see homes as an interconnected system, just like people. Well-functioning systems lead to a healthy life; with homes a well-functioning system leads to a healthy home.

Image of exterior wall retrofit with failed injection foam.

The total system will be inspected and diagnosed, focusing on your living space, attic, basement or crawl spaces, performing a number of computerized tests, and reporting on the current conditions in your home, as follows:

  • Health and safety (carbon monoxide levels and moisture problems)
  • Insulation levels
  • Air Filtration Rating (aka Blower Door, which is used to measure air leaking in and out of the home)
  • Thermal imaging (infrared thermography)
  • Domestic hot-water system efficiency
  • Heating system efficiency
  • Cooling system/central air conditioning efficiency, if applicable
  • Gas leak tests on pipes/equipment
  • Detailed report and proposal on ways to reduce utility usage and increase comfort

Before image of attic retrofit.

After image of attic retrofit.

Once completed, we use the findings to develop proposed improvements with estimated costs and energy savings leading to deep energy retrofits. Better World Builders works with you to come up with a plan for improvements that fit your budget and your home.

Energy retrofits are designed with the homeowners’ specific needs in mind, to realize the most cost-effective energy reductions, make improvements and renovations to meet needs that are not currently being met and to reduce the current loads of the home in the most efficient manner.

After your Battle Creek, MI, area home has been updated, the goal is to select appropriate HVAC systems for the reduced loads, find opportunities to recover and reuse waste streams, optimize efficient technologies and renewable energy options, then implement and verify intended plan and design has been incorporated to the homeowners’ specifications and needs.

Image of exterior wall retrofit with failed injection foam.

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image of exterior wall retrofit in-progress.

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