Insulation Inspection

Image of insulation that needs to be replaced.Reasons Why You Want an Insulation Inspection

  • Blow and Go insulation does not solve comfort or energy efficiency problems
  • You are questioning what is in your attic or walls
  • You are unsure how well your ventilation is working (roof and bath/kitchen fan exhaust)
  • You have or are considering a new furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner (load calculations matter!)
  • You are planning or currently remodeling
  • You are planning an addition
  • You are not sure where to start

What's Included

What to Expect

During the Insulation Inspection we look at each insulated area of your Portage, MI, area home. We let you know your existing insulation conditions and recommend what corrections can be made. Assist in your goals to save money, make your home healthier and more energy efficient.

We Focus on Customers

Could you be paying less for heating and cooling? At Better World Builders, we help budget-conscious, environmentally responsible home and business owners achieve freedom from sky-high utility bills and enjoy greater comfort indoors. What you don’t know about your existing insulation could be affecting your indoor air quality and costing you hundreds extra in energy bills each year.

If your Portage, MI, area property isn’t properly insulated, you’re overpaying for energy and overworking your HVAC system. At Better World Builders, we pride ourselves on top-quality products and outstanding service. We believe that our customers deserve nothing less than the best, and our commitment to excellence is reflected in everything we do.

Cut your monthly costs with new insulation from Better World Builders. Contact us today for an inspection or have your whole home audited with the Better World Builders' Certified Home Performance Energy Audit, which includes the Insulation Inspection! For more information, contact us at (269) 383-7862 or request service online today.

Need an Insulation Inspection?

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“Better World Builders provided excellent service for my home’s difficult insulation and roofing needs. Three years later I can say with relief that the ice dam problem we had with our mansard roof is gone. Our home is warmer and more energy efficient. They are problem-solvers, and their crews do great work.”

- Nate d V.