Rim Joist Insulation

Rim joists, also known as band joists, make up the outside edges of a Battle Creek, MI, area home’s flooring framing system. Basement or crawl space rim joists are located just above the foundation wall, and if your home has a second floor, there is likely another ring of rim joists above the first-floor ceiling.

Because rim joists are located along the home’s exterior, just behind the siding, they tend to have high rates of air leakage and moisture intrusion. Proper insulation with spray foam eliminates air leaks, keeps out moisture, and creates a strong thermal barrier along this part of your home’s building envelope.

Sealing and insulating your rim joists will prevent a major source of comfort loss in homes. When properly sealed and insulated it lowers heating and cooling costs, helps keep rodents and insects out, and keeps comfort in. Proper rim joist insulation is essential for eliminating air leaks, regulating indoor moisture, keeping indoor temperatures comfortable, and preventing the HVAC system in your home from being overworked. 

Most homes have fiberglass batt insulation stuffed into the rim joists. While fiberglass is an acceptable insulation, it actually performs very poorly and does not provide a decent energy loss barrier. In most homes fiberglass insulation is dirty, frequently contaminated with mold and rodent droppings, and can lead to poor indoor air quality.

Image of rim joist before spray foam insulation installation.

Image of preparation for installation of rim joist insulation.

The professionally trained crew at Better World Builders removes the old fiberglass insulation, vacuums the debris and when necessary, applies a biodegradable material that kills mold, bacteria and neutralizes rodent damage. Finally, we use top quality materials to air seal and insulate your home’s rim joists filling every nook and cranny, creating an air barrier that seals the conditioned (cooled, heated and even purified) air in your home where it should be!

Benefits of Rim Joist Insulation

  • Minimal basement air leakage
  • Greater indoor comfort
  • More consistent indoor temperatures year-round
  • Lower energy consumption and cost
  • Warmer floors in the wintertime
  • Better moisture control preventing mold and rot
  • Increased indoor air quality and decreased air leaks
  • Pest control, keeping insects and vermin out!

Are you concerned about the condition of your home’s rim joist(s), the current insulation in your Battle Creek, MI, area home or the amount of comfort and energy being wasted due to poor air sealing? Then contact us today to book an Insulation Inspection or have your whole home audited with The Better World Builders Certified Home Performance Energy Audit which includes the Insulation Inspection and so much more!

Image of rim joist after spray foam insulation installation.

As a BPI Certified Home Performance Contractor, our Better World Builders Audit qualifies homeowners for the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Tax Credits! For more information, contact us at (269) 383-7862 or request service online today!

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