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Comprehensive Home Performance Energy Audit 

Our qualified energy efficiency experts can make sure your heating and cooling units are working to the best of their ability. We can also make sure your house is energy efficient and healthy for you and your family.  From insulation, doors and windows, to radon testing, we know how to make your house efficient and environmentally sound!  Save money on your utility bills with our simple, energy efficient, home improvements! We are baed in Kalamazoo, MI, but our services extend to numerous counties. As always, our staff is proud to offer high-quality work when you request our services.

No matter how long you have lived in your Michigan home, you are sure to experience a few high utility bills.  Don't let a leaky, inefficient house ruin your monthly budget. Fortunately, you have fast access to professionals in the field of energy efficiency when you hire our team. We are carefully trained and make it a point to be punctual since we realize how much of a difference you will see when you've had our energy efficiency experts working on your home. Regardless of what the issue seems to be, you can depend on us to provide a clear explanation and then get to work solving the problem.

If you need an energy efficiency expert you can trust for impressive results, come to Better World Builders. Our staff is experienced and caring when it comes to helping residents with their homes. In addition, we are environmentally conscious, which may ease your mind as we work on your house or business. Please call our office in Kalamazoo, MI, to find out more about our skills.

Why You Would Want an Energy Audit:

  • Pinpoint your energy/comfort losses
  • Access to the maximum utility rebates
  • Health & Safety concerns in your home
  • Indoor Air Quality concerns
  • Icicle issues
  • Rooms that are cold in the winter or very hot in the summer
  • High energy bills
  • Roof leaks
  • Heating/cooling equipment runs constantly and is unable to keep you comfortable

What's Included:

• Furnace (& AC), water heater - ventilation & combustion inspection
• Gas lines leak inspection
• Bath fan & Kitchen fan exhaust draft evaluation
• Insulation, Air Sealing, & Ventilation levels (Attic, Walls, Foundation) inspection
• Blower Door Test
• Complete Infrared Scan & Report
• Energy Audit Report & Recommendation Quote
• Makes the best rebates available to you from the utility companies (Up to $3500)

What to Expect:

During the Energy Audit we look at your house from top to bottom and quantify how your house is losing money and wasting comfort. We evaluate your energy bill, all the insulation levels and find where the loose points are in your home. We do a health and safety check on your furnace, water heater and we check your gas lines for leaks. Additionally, we may use a blower door to measure air exchanges and an infrared camera to pinpoint losses. Finally, we will give you a holistic strategy on how to make your home healthy, safe, durable, comfortable and efficient.

This process can take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours.

Kalamazoo: $395
Outside of Kalamazoo: $450


Our Clients Love Us

  • ...great job! highly recommend BWB...
    Mary Farrington, Texas Township, MI

    “I recently had the opportunity of engaging Better World Builders in a home energy evaluation and subsequently hired them to complete the recommended and necessary repairs to make my home more energy efficient.  I really liked several things about doing business with Mark Lee:

  • ...neat and fast...
    Teri Koretsky, Kalamazoo, MI

    “I had noticed several cold/hot spots.  The assessment helped to explain why and how to correct it.  The workers were neat, careful and completed the work in a timely fashion.”

  • ...the best job, with the best materials...
    Rhonda Egidio, Kalamazoo, MI

    “I have great confidence in Better World Builders, that they are always committed to doing the best job with the best materials.  I believe the work they do on my home is what they would do on their own.”