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Icicles may be pretty, but they can be a real headache: ice dams can cause thousands of dollars in structural and cosmetic damages, and preventing may be easier than you think.

What Is An Ice Dam?

Ice dams are caused by warm air escaping through air leaks from your home to your roof. The warm air melts the snow on your roof, which then drips down to the edge of the roof until it reaches the point just above the exterior wall and freezes again. As this process continues, this ice builds up until it begins to creep underneath shingles, melt once again, and drip into your home. This can cause up to tens of thousands of dollars in remediation costs - your roof may need to be replaced. Drywall may need to be replaced and repainted, mold may build up your walls, carpets and furniture can be damaged, and rotten wood may pose structural risks.

What causes and Ice Dam?

Under normal circumstances, gutters & downspouts are in place on a home to ensure water runoff from the roof makes its way down & away from the house. However, during the winter months, snow accumulation on the roof may melt over surfaces of the roof that are warmed by an underlying attic, drip down to the end of the roof, and then refreeze in areas where there is less surface warmth, like gutters & overhangs. Eventually, a block of ice may form over the gutter or at the edge of it, preventing further roof runoff from properly draining. All it takes is a little trickle of melted snow to pool up and leak back under the roofing shingles and into the home. This can cause severe structural damage to your home and can cause even worse problems like mold formation. This is why prevention is so important.

Our process

Our process begins with a Comprehensive Home Performance Energy Audit, which pinpoints deficiencies in your home’s thermal envelope by using an infrared scanner to identify air leaks and insufficient insulation; followed by air and insulation improvements to ensure that your home will remain ice-dam-free for decades to come.

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