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7 Furnace Maintenance Tips

September 29, 2023
7 Furnace Maintenance Tips - Furnace Technician.

Many Kalamazoo homeowners follow the mantra of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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What Is a Heat Pump?

March 15, 2023
An air source heat pump on the side of a home being installed in the North East of England. The house is aiming to be sustainable. There is a construction worker with a hard hat and reflective jacket holding a digital tablet, talking to the home owner who is showing her documents.

What’s the best way to preserve resources? Working with what you already have. Heat pumps make your Portage home more comfortable by using heat that already exists. It pushes heat from outdoors to indoors (to warm) or pulls heat from indoors to outdoors (to cool).

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