Kalamazoo, MI

Geothermal Heat Pumps

When the time comes for a heating and cooling upgrade in your Kalamazoo home, consider opting for a geothermal system. Our Better World Builders professionals can make the switch as smooth as possible with expert installation and routine preventative maintenance.

With the ability to provide both warm and cool air to your Michigan home in an environmentally friendly way, your geothermal heat pump will leave you and your household members feeling comfortable during any season.

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Heat Pumps

Looking for an alternative to provide heating and cooling in your Kalamazoo, MI, home? A heat pump is an excellent choice. For optimal energy-efficiency and the ability to provide heating when it’s cold outside during the winter and cooling over the hot summer when it’s warmer, opt for a heat pump. Reduce your energy usage and start saving money on your utility expenses.

Our Better World Builders professionals are here to answer any and all of your questions regarding heat pumps. We can provide the heat pump installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services you need to ensure you have ideal heating and cooling for your home year-round.

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Indoor Air Quality

There are several ways to enhance your indoor air quality (IAQ) and promote fresher, cleaner air in your Kalamazoo, MI, home. You don’t have to settle for less—not when you turn to the best!

Our Better World Builders professionals are here with an extensive variety of indoor air quality products and methods to ensure the air you breathe is ideal for every household member.

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Water Heaters

Are you having a problem with your water heater? Don’t try to figure it out on your own—just leave resolving it to our Better World Builders professionals. We are here to get all systems in your Kalamazoo, MI, home functioning properly again.

Whether it’s installation, replacement, repairs, or maintenance you need on your water heater, our knowledge and highly skilled experts can handle it for you.

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“Better World Builders was great! They listened to my concerns about difficulty maintaining temperature in my home, and worked with me to address the unique challenges my home presents. Not a 1 solution fits all company, they worked to solve issues other contractors wouldn't even quote me on. Very responsive to concerns that came up as the work progressed and I am pleased with the results. I would reccomend BwB to anyone looking for energy savings”
- Michael V.
“Better World Builders has made my world a much better place to live in! An ongoing planning and funding puzzle full of wiggles and life events, these few years later my home has shifted from a drafty safety situation to a certified Pearl! BWB was professional and communicative throughout my entire roof and second floor insulation replacement. They insulated my basement and family room too. Highly recommend.”
- Rebecca S.
“I spoke with Mark Lee of Better World Builders this morning 1/30/2024 about installing an egress window in my basement. He took the time to walk me through the installation process and gave me alternative suggestions which will safe me money. I really appreciate him taking the time to go over this with me and that he focused on the best solution to my situation. I feel extremely confident using his company for building projects in the future.

Ned C.”
- Ned S.
“When we moved into our new home it was drafty and cold. We almost replaced a bunch of expensive windows, but decided to have a BWB perform a blower door test first. The test data showed that our windows were fine, but that we had several areas with poor insulation and air sealing. BWB prepared a three tiered approach to improve the home, and identified approximate energy savings for each tier. After completing the first tier, which included spray foam insulation and air sealing, we saw a 30-35% reduction in our blower door test air leakage values. Incredible. The crew that completed the work was professional and treated our home with care and respect. The work was completed on time and they went the extra mile in a few areas. I highly recommend better world builders.”
- Michael G.

“Better World Builders provided excellent service for my home’s difficult insulation and roofing needs. Three years later I can say with relief that the ice dam problem we had with our mansard roof is gone. Our home is warmer and more energy efficient. They are problem-solvers, and their crews do great work.”

- Nate d V.

“I can’t say enough about BWB. They were incredibly responsive to my initial inquiry. The two guys they sent out to do my home energy audit were professional and had the air of competence that puts you at ease. The results of the audit caught some more obscure details I’d already learned in the past 5 years so that was great to see, and they put together a mutli-tier plan of action to address the needs of my house from most important to stuff to think about down the road. These guys are good and they do it all, too, so your needs can be handled by one company. You can’t go wrong.”

- David van D.